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“Bring Happiness, Orange Play”

Workers who take horrifyingly crowded subway trains after a day’s hard work, call center advisors who suffer from emotional labor, job applicants who have sacrificed today’s happiness for a better future, working mothers who feel anxious both at workplace and at home—these are portraits of our hectic and busy daily lives that leave no time for ourselves.

ING life insurance has launched a social campaign called “Bring Happiness – Orange play” to relieve modern day workers of stress and bring happiness with Korean music and CJ E&M. “Bring Happiness, Orange Play” is a social campaign intended to comfort and bring happiness to those who are exhausted from excessive work through music.

Thanks to the twenty-two talented volunteer musicians including Choi baekho, Jeong yup, Davichi, Yurisangja, and Jo gyuchan, people who had been suffering from emotional labor were able to enjoy music for about ten times in May 2015 at various venues in Seoul. After the first performance targeted towards commuting workers during rush hour, the Korean pop group “Yurisangja” visited professional soldiers. On Children’s Day, “Chogyu Chan and Haey,” the musician couple, visited children’s hospital to amuse child patients. They visited a library as well to perform music to job applicants who had been sitting by the desk all day long so as to spare the busy audience of the fuss of going to a concert. They visited anybody who needed consolation regardless of the place such as daycare center or the subway. Reporting the performance via their official Facebook page and continuing to hold surprise performances, Harim and Hongdae Gwang, other musicians in the campaign, raised funds in accordance with the number of “likes” of their posts. It was a social campaign utilizing the healing power of music.

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