Opening Words


The Korean CSR Film Festival was first held in 2012 with the purpose of sharing the videos that capture the moment of people carrying out their social responsibilities.

Marking the 5th festival this year, it has been widening the participation and bond of sympathy among the corporations and citizens in regards to the social responsibility.

Various groups, including individuals, college students, public institutions, financial companies, and corporations have shared the videos that capture them fulfilling the responsibility they have to the society. Moreover, the leaders in various fields such as the industrial world, politics, and academics participated in the festival as well and felt the place of social responsibility first hand, seeking ways to make the society a better place. Social responsibility is not exclusive to corporations.

It is our value, goal for action.

The United States and China also hold the CSR Film Festival with the shared goal of ‘expanding the social responsibility.’ Korea, the United States, and China will exchange and encourage the activities that promote the social responsibility, and the three countries plan to co-host the international CSR Film Festival.

Hence, the committee of Korea CSR Film Festival will play the role of a trustworthy companion that equips the members of the society with the ability to tend to the seed of social change. Thank you.

CEO, Chong-jae Lee