Make a healthy society with the spread of sense of responsibility.

A lot of corporations are carrying out their social responsibilities, and they use different methods to publicize their efforts.

But the people will not easily understand them through the over-a-hundred-pages report on sustainability and news outlets. Terms like CSR and CSV are even harder to comprehend.

Then how should the corporations show their sincerity that they are making the society and the environment?

The answer is the videos.

Words and numbers are not enough to express the various activities that actualize the social values such as sharing and volunteering and the thoughts and hearts of its participants.

The Korean CSR Film Festival Committee will share your stories that promote social values through videos and gradually expand that effort and influence to the world.

The Korea CSR Film Festival marks the 5th festival this year 2016, and it is the only film festival that advocates social responsibility in the country.

It is a place of festival, wherein the corporations, public offices, NGOs, social and financial organizations, students, and others share their efforts in bringing social change.